Today at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona, Spain, VMware Inc. announced it was extending its Internet of Things (IoT) strategy with new edge computing solutions. These new solutions are aimed around specific use cases at the edge including Asset Management and Smart Surveillance. The new solutions will feature VMware vSAN, VMware vSphere, and VMware Pulse IoT Center.
IoT is a rapidly expanding field with industrial smart devices that are driving more and more automation. While they offer immense benefits to organizations they also cause a few issues. For one, they generate massive amounts of data (up to billions of endpoints), data that is at the edge and needs to be collected and processed. Since IoT devices are separate from core data centers, organizations need new infrastructure that is cost-effective and scalable but also simple due to the lack of IT specialists at the edge.
VMware provides HCI and Pulse IoT that are both ideally suited for processing and securing sensor data at the edge. The new edge solutions will have real-time analytics, which are important for IoT usage. The solutions support third-party business analytics starter kits, in partnership with industry leaders, to help with content analytics and drive business decisions. On the physical side of things, VMware has a strong ecosystem of vendors for server or gateway solutions that may be needed.
On the end of collaboration, VMware is working with Axis Communications and Dell EMC for smart surveillance solutions. Customers can use VMware Pulse IoT Center to manage, monitor, and secure Axis Communications products such as IP cameras and 4G/LTE routers. The solution will be initially offered on Dell EMC servers with the option of Dell Edge Gateways.
VMware is also working Dell Technologies and Wipro Limited on a complete edge to cloud IoT solution. As automation is making a larger portion of the shop room floor, getting those machines more efficient and productive can reap serious gains to manufacturers. Wipro’s IoT offerings, such as its Looking Glass asset management platform and services capability, can integrate multiple IoT platforms which are either hosted on-premises or in the cloud. Wipro will be providing installation and management services for VMware’s IoT Edge solutions. The combination of Wipro’s IoT Platform with VMware’s Pulse IoT Center gives users a complete and seamless solution.

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